Cuban Pig Roast and Harvest Dinner

A truly magical evening on the farm–many thanks to the pig, the folks at Full Quiver Farm who raised it, our fearless and tireless staff & our pitmaster, Stephanie Scherzer! Here’s our scrapbook of the evening, documented by the talented Jody Horton (

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pig roast apps close

pig roast apps elizabeth

pig roast chickens table

pig roast close

pig roast field

pig roast jeremy

pig roast julian

pig roast night

pig roast tables

pig roast skin

pig roast stephanie


7 thoughts on “Cuban Pig Roast and Harvest Dinner

  1. Gorgeous photos, for sure. They really capture the spirit of the dinner: warm, inviting and something to be savored!

    Thanks for hosting! Can’t wait for the next one…

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